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Intrinsically Safe Temperature Meter Ex-MP4a Zone 1 – Ecom (2)

Zone 1 – Eco This explosion-proof non-contact thermometer Ex-MP4 a is a robust, handy and easy-to-use instrument for measuring temperatures in potentially explosive areas.

This Ex-MP4a is suitable for zone 1.

The advantages of a contactless ATEX thermometer are obvious.

You can safely measure the temperature of fast moving objects.

The measurement is not affected by sliding contacts, because no frictional heat is generated.

In addition, this explosion-proof measuring instrument does not suffer from drag marks.

Very short set-up times and a flexible response to radiation make the Ex-MP4 a 20 to 1000 times faster than a contact thermometer.

The measuring object itself is not affected, i.e. the temperature during measurement is constant and no attachment of the measuring instrument to the object is necessary.

Hard-to-reach objects can be measured from close by as well as from a great distance, thanks to the pyrometer’s optics. The Ex-MP4 a can be held in almost any position; a free line of sight to the measuring object is the only condition to perform a measurement.

You can always measure objects that are under electrical voltage and aggressive substances from a safe distance.

Features EX Thermometer MP4a This atex temperature meter has a temperature range up to +400 °C High Accuracy Easy operation Short response time Measurement indication: Laser Measurements in zone 1 and zone 0 Response time (95%): 500 ms Laser class 2 The MP4a EX thermometer has a weight of approx. 200 g (~ 7.1 oz)



ACCURACY (23 °C): -18 °C … -1 °C ±3 °C, -1 °C … +400 °C ±2% ​​of the reading or ±2 °C; at higher values

REPRODUCIBILITY: ±2% of reading or ±2°C; at higher values TALK TIME (95%): 500 ms

EMISSION RATE: 0.95 (fixed) OPTICS D/L: =1/8



HUMIDITY 10-95% (non-condensing at 30°C)

AMBIENT TEMPERATURE ±0 °C … +50 °C (+32 °F … +122 °F)

STORAGE TEMPERATURE -20 °C … +65 °C (-4 °F … +149 °F) without battery

POWER SUPPLY 9 V Alkali battery according to IEC 6LR61

DIMENSIONS 152mm x 101mm x 38mm (~6″ x 4″ x 1.5″)

WEIGHT approx. 200 g (~ 7.1 oz)

This EX thermometer comes complete with: Battery, Leather Holster, Carrying Case and Documentation ATEX Certificate Ex-MP4 a ATEX (Europe) Certification No.: EPS 10 ATEX 1242 X II 2G Ex ia on is IIC T4

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