3M 4251+ FFA1-P2 R D Half Mask

3M 4251+ FFA1-P2 R D half mask protects against fine dust, oil- and water-based mist and organic vapours. The soft, textured face seal ensures that the half mask is extremely comfortable.

– Newly improved exhalation valve reduces breathing resistance by more than 30%

– Filters to protect against fine dust, oil and water based mist and organic vapours

– Ready-to-use, maintenance-free half mask –

The use of the unique filter technology allows a very low profile design so that the view is not obstructed

– Soft, textured face seal ensures the mask fits comfortably

– Light weight and well balanced for comfort over extended periods of use

– Inhalation valves on both sides and large, multi-layered carbon filters to reduce breathing resistance, complemented by a low-resistance parabolic exhalation valve to reduce heat build-up

– The low profile provides a wide field of view and compatibility with 3M eye protectors

– User-friendly, no assembly, maintenance or registration required

– Easy and safe adjustment of the neck strap and head harness

– Optional filter protector against overspray extends the life of the dust filter during spray painting

– Facemask is made of thermoplastic elastomer

– Maximum product weight 320 grams

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